CNTB, in cooperation with Michelin, organized a gastronomic dinner with the aim of promoting Croatian eno-gastronomy

first_imgThe Croatian National Tourist Board, in cooperation with MICHELIN, organized a gastronomic event “Four hands dinner” in Paris.It is an exclusive dinner held in the Parisian restaurant La Scène, which has been the holder of one MICHELIN star since 2014, and where dishes were prepared by Stephanie Le Quellec, chef of the restaurant La Scène and famous Croatian chef Rudi Štefan from the restaurant Pelegrini who is also holder of one MICHELIN star.The aim of the event was to promote Croatian eno-gastronomy on the large and important French market, which is characterized by world-class eno-gastronomy.Photo: HTZRestaurant owner Stephanie Le Quellec pointed out that celebrities such as actors and singers often come to La Scène restaurant. “Guests love the concept of our open kitchen restaurant so everyone has a chance to see what the top chef preparation processes look like by top chefsSaid Le Quellec. Croatian chef Rudi Štefan emphasized that the Croatian part of the menu consisted of five key elements and sequences. “Our wish was to turn the available ingredients into delicious dishes, and according to the reactions and comments of those gathered, we succeeded.”, Concluded Stefan.The dinner was organized, among others, for 20 top French gastro influencers, who had a special permission to broadcast real-time experiences and actions from the dinner on their highly followed and popular channels on social networks. Although the menu consisted of foods characteristic of Croatian eno-gastronomy, it was kept secret until the very end, the CNTB concludes.last_img