House of Art Arsen – Šibenik paid tribute to Dedić

first_imgThe proposal was accepted by acclamation not only by the owner of the hall – City of Šibenik which together with Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia financed the renovation of the hall, but also by all city institutions in culture, the Cultural Council of the City, as well as representatives of the two oldest Sibenik cultural institutions – the singing society “Kolo” and his – Sibenik folk music. The city administration believes that the citizens of Šibenik, as well as the general public, will welcome this appointment by which Arsen will remain permanently written in the collective memory of the people of Šibenik, also marking a new era of Šibenik culture. With the completion of the renovation of the hall of the former Odeon cinema in the center of Šibenik and its transformation into a new city public space intended for music and stage events, cinema screenings, theater performances, exhibitions and conferences, the latch of the new stage rises – Houses of Art Arsen. We have already written about this project here By the way, the City of Šibenik has been implementing the reconstruction project of the former Odeon Cinema in phases since 2013, and so far more than HRK 9 million has been invested, of which about 40% came from grants from the Ministry of Culture. Since last year, the Šibenik Fortress of Culture has been involved in the completion of the adaptation project together with the city, while the Institution has been entrusted with the future management of the renovated hall. Finally, there is no doubt that Arsen’s statement that the artist’s work is his afterlife is correct, it remains for us to work on making this appointment another contribution to life after death and to hope that Arsen’s house of art will become for some new generations a place of learning, inspiration and memories, just as Arsen was from Šibenik – Kino Sloboda. “I remember the old days, it was the seventies, my first winter when I went downstairs with Arsen, to visit my grandparents; the streets are deserted, winter, discreetly lit, we were walking along the coast when Arsen said – Today he is playing a very good French film. I don’t remember who it was anymore, but I know she played Brigitte Bardot and Alain Delon. We went, of course, to the Odeon cinema, and there – everyone was sitting in coats, it was so cold (laughs)… I could never have imagined where it would take us all, neither me nor Arsen, and here, not even that space that is beautiful renewed and which will now benefit young people, in which all aspects of culture and all those who feel culture and have something to say will be presented. It is wonderful that this will be one of the few spaces in the city where all the arts will be represented and which we will need. I always speak to me and speak ours because I carry Šibenik as if it were mine; I weaved all my love into that little house in Varoš where I have always remained the bride of Šibenik and which I leave to our children, to be kept at least half as much as I kept it. I am terribly happy and there is no better way to repay him. ” “House of Art Arsen he will pay tribute and return the love to the man from Šibenik who during his life was, and still is, the greatest ambassador of the city and its spirit. Through his work through poetry, music, painting, film and theater, he embodied culture and it is difficult to find a more suitable place in Šibenik that would bear his name and act under the patronage of Arsen and his artistic personality. “, she said Gorana Barišić Bačelić, director of the Fortress of Culture Šibenik.center_img Just JU Fortress of Culture Šibenik proposed a name that pays tribute to one of the greatest artists of recent Croatian history: academic musician, individual and intellectual, composer, singer-songwriter, painter, arranger, translator, a quiet craftsman i a poet of general practice, Šibenik musician and artistic genius – Arsen Dedić. Satisfaction with the decision that the new house of culture and art bears Arsen’s name is not hidden by the Dedić family: “I am overjoyed and moved, expecting and receiving an answer to everything that Arsen gave to our city and why we, the people of Šibenik, return the love and affection “Arsen gave with all his being, for which I thank you all immensely,” she said Gabi Novakand recalled anecdotes related to Arsen and the Odeon cinema. “Mission Houses of Art Arsen is to raise the quality of life of our fellow citizens to an even higher level and enrich the cultural life in Šibenik. We expect that the space will come to life even more strongly under Arsen’s name, becoming another favorite place for cultural events for all generations of Šibenik citizens. House of Art Arsen it certainly opens new opportunities for cooperation and development of local stakeholders in culture, and I am sure that this hall will have a certain significance not only in the local, but also in the national context. “, said the Mayor of the City of Šibenik, Željko Burić.last_img