Defendant takes witness stand in trial of Portsmouth man

first_img 46 Views   4 comments Share Share Share Sharing is caring!center_img Tweet LocalNews Defendant takes witness stand in trial of Portsmouth man by: – July 6, 2012 Court gavel. Photo credit: kirtok.comTwenty-six (26) year old Stebin Valentine of Portsmouth who has been on trial from July 2nd, 2012, for the manslaughter of Charlesworth Christopher junior of Portsmouth on August 30th, 2009, took the witness stand late on Thursday afternoon.Valentine, who swore on the bible and laid it on his chest, explained that Christopher was his friend, they grew up together, were neighbours at one point and highlighted some of the things they did together.According to Valentine, they went to St. John’s Primary School together, they played football together, had “cook ups” together on the beach, went diving together although Christopher could not dive he would remain on the boat, shot birds together and they both had dogs; his dog’s name was “Money” while Charlesworth’s dog’s name was “Shadow”.Valentine said during direct examination, that on Sunday 29th August, 2009 about 11pm, he left home for a party with Randy Phillip, Samuel alias “Kool Aid”, Ashton Joseph, Carlene and some other friends to attend a party at Alick’s house in Buck.At that party he met his mother and Nadine Laville, Christopher’s aunt, spoke to them briefly, then went about getting drinks for himself and the friends he came with. He had some Sangria wine, Appleton rum, and some other hard drinks that he didn’t know the names of. While standing outside the party next to Randy Phillip’s black van which drove him to the party, he observed “an individual coming from the parking lot, he was not going to the party, standing out in the parking. He moves into a urinating position close to the bushes in the edge. I couldn’t see if any urine was falling. He looked side to side and he goes down to where he appeared to be urinating, he went down on his hunches and put his hand to the ground”.Valentine thought the individual’s behaviour quite peculiar, “to me something was not right”, so he went over to where the individual came from, thinking; “it’s just weird that somebody would do that”.Although he did not know who the individual was, after he saw the person walk into the party, “I went and put my hand to the ground like he did and my hand came on something cold. It was small, and I saw that it was a little gun. I had a jeans with a little pocket in the top so I stuck it in my pocket and I went back to the van”. When he went back to the van, the group of friends he came with were ready to leave and so he went back to Lagoon with them, went home to put a bottle of alcohol he had from the party, took a bash [calabash] and walked back to Christopher’s house.There he saw Kadisha Peter, Francine Sango, Ashton Joseph, Kelvin Nathan, Randy Phillip and Charlesworth Christopher, just “hanging out”.Christopher, he said, was “sitting on the concrete” and he sat on the step, but Francine Sango who was seated on a stool above Christopher, got up and left with Randy Phillip so he replaced her on the stool.“I’m sitting on the stool, Junior [Christopher] is sitting on the slab like an arm’s reach away, the bash [calabash] is in my laps, my fingers is in the bash and I just remember I find a gun; it just came back to my mind”.Because they were “tight”, he did not see anything wrong in telling Christopher about what he had seen at the party, so he told him about it, “not all excited but just telling him”.“I reach in the same little pocket of my jeans, once I reach in my jeans, Junior [Christopher] is sitting below me, the stool is above him, I’m stretch giving him and he checking “What?” and time was moving normal all the time, I was a little intoxicated but I was cool, and I just remember “vham”, it sounded like thunder”.Valentine continued, “Junior [Christopher] hands was still up and he started to ease back because initially he was coming forward. I started to feel funny, I just sat there I didn’t know what t do. I just sat there and then somebody shouted and I snap back, and everything was moving slowly after that and then I say ‘shait’”.He then became “petrified” although he didn’t know what was happening, he “dropped the gun in the bash [calabash] because I was thinking something wrong with my friend. Then everybody started shouting like is me and when I got startled, I panicked, I run. Yes, my friend is hurting and I cannot do nothing for him so I ran in the direction of my house”.When the trial resumes at the High Court on Monday, the defendant will continue giving his testimony.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img