Record-setting day at Powerlifting

first_imgIT was all action as the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF) tournament came to a close last Sunday.A total of 32 athletes grunted, shouted and lifted to their limits on the record-breaking day. However, it was Vijai Rahim, Carlos Peterson, Nadina Taharally, and Tinesha Toney who were the victors in their categories.Rahim lifted in the 74kg class and finished with a wilks points total of 545.158 after squatting 250kg, bench-pressing 160kg and dead-lifting 285kg for a total of 645kg. He finished as the male overall equipped winner.Peterson finished as the male overall unequipped winner after setting a new 93kg (junior) class dead lift record (300kg). He also bench-pressed 140kg and squatted the same as Rahim. His wilks points total was 433.527.Taharally recorded a 332.5kg total with a wilks points of 347.5 to claim her title as female overall unequipped winner, while female overall equipped winner Toney had a total of 365kg and 427.086 wilks points.Another record came from Colin ‘Mr Clean’ Chesney, who literally put the world on his chest during the day. He bench-pressed 240kg, clearing the old record of 230kg by John ‘Big John’ Edwards.Before his performance the 120kg plus Lindener squatted 355k, and dead-lifted 272.5kg. However, he only had 499.507 wilks points and could not overtake Rahim.Powerlifting is comprised of three disciplines, the squat, bench-press and deadlift with the winner of each weight category posting the biggest total in kilos.The competition was run by the (GAPF) along with Fitness Express and Ticket Master Travel Agency, and was used as a selection tournament for international competitions next year. The GAPF’s new season will start in March 2017 with the traditional Novices competition.last_img