Fortnite Week 8 challenges: Map with Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces under bridges, caves

first_imgThis is what a Jigsaw Puzzle PIece looks like. Obviously if you’re searching in the snowier areas they can be a little harder to find since they blend in. But once you stumble upon them, they will be a little easier to spot as they spin around.Once you find one, a prompt on the screen will come up to press E to search it. You just have to do this seven times to complete the task.But to help you in your journey to find these seven, we’ve provided a map below.Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Fortnite map These Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces are to be found under bridges and in caves. FORTNITE WORLD CUP: Leaderboard tracker for 2019 eventFortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces We’re now on to Week 8 of Season 8’s challenges for Fortnite, and we’ve got a few interesting tasks to accomplish. We’ve already explained how to dial the Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit numbers, but in this article we’re going to tell you how and where to find the Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces.The good news for those trying to accomplish this is that there are more Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces available on the map than you need to find. The challenge asks us to find seven, but as you’ll see below there are plenty of other opportunities. (YouTube / gattu) Bridges will be the easier locations to find. There a lot of bridges on the bottom part of the map, starting at the one by the river just by Lucky Landing.Once you start on that one, just down the river there is yet another bridge. And then if you want to circle back, you can find another one just outside of Paradise Palms. Within a pretty tight radius you’ve already found three of the seven you need.And even between those bridges there are a few caves you can search in the area surrounding Fatal Fields. (Epic Games / SN Illustration)