Fighting for a Place in the Finals: Pairs of the Cup of the FB&H known

first_imgThe draw of pairs for the finals of the Cup of the Football Federation of the FB&H was completed.Twenty teams were found in the reel, and ten winners of these duels will qualify for the finals of the Cup of B&H.All matches are acheduled for Wednesday, September 9th, and only one match will be played.Several interesting matches will be played, among which are Bratstvo – Metalleghe, Rudar Kakanj – Jedinstvo, and Branitelj – Capljina.Pairs in the finals of the Cup of the FF of FB&H:Bosna Sema – OrasjeSloga Ljubuski – BuducnostGOSK – IgmanTOSK – PodgrmecSloga Bosanska Otoka – GorazdeBratstvo – MetallegheBranitelj – CapljinaRudar Kakanj – JedinstvoBosna Visoko – RadnickiNovi Travnik – Zvijezda(Source: