Ten bizarre that happen to your body after death

first_imgThe movies describe it as a serene fall on a heart rate monitorAs soon as our heart stops beating, the rest of the body begins to deteriorate 2. The rigor mortis Cools body temperature. The rigor mortis It is the next thing that happens to our body when we die: the muscles break down at 3 or 4 hours after clinical death and usually have a full effect on 12 hours. Also known as “death stiffness,” the body loses its temperature until it acclimates to room temperature. 3. Wrinkles disappear. The muscles of the face relax, which makes all wrinkles disappear. 4. Hair and nails do not continue to grow. The myth holds that both our hair and nails continue to grow after death. However, it may seem so because our skin loses hydration, it retracts. The contraction exposes our cuticles and hair follicles more, making them appear longer. 5. Your body will groan. an effect post-mortem that scares both doctors and nurses, are the groans that are emitted after death. Combining rigor mortis (including the muscles of the vocal cords) and the secreted gas, can make the bodies scream or even moan.6. The eyes bulge and the tongue swells. The gases produced in our intestines and decomposing organs also cause the eyes to leave their orbits and the tongue to swell and spread out of the mouth. 7. The body moves a little. It is possible that the muscles still contract for several hours after death, which can be very disturbing for anyone nearby.8. Some parts of you will live longer. While some parts of the body die quickly, others can live for hours. The eyes, heart, bones and skin may still be viable for transplantation up to 15 hours after the person dies.9. Your body will begin to eat itself, literally. As the body’s cells begin to break down, they are digested by enzymes and bacteria, a process that can begin quickly depending on the cause of death.10. The eyes will change color. When the sclera of the eye begins to dry, a tissue is created that causes the iris to turn blue or gray. This is called ‘tache noir’and is generally part of the forensic exams: allows it to be recognized as a normal change post-mortem or if it is a disease or intoxication. Fictional dramas produced in hospitals often describe death as a serene fall on a heart rate monitor. However, there are more things that happen to your body after you die and that moves away from what we see in the movies. In fact, as soon as our heart stops beating, the rest of the body begins to deteriorate, although at different speeds according to its state of decomposition.In this list we will explain what happens to our body when we die. A somewhat bizarre list, but extremely necessary to understand and accept that it is a final stage and, regardless of the opinion of each one, should be explained as an irreversible and universal fact.1. The body changes color at thirty minutes from the moment the heart stops pumping. The skin becomes rigid and acquires a purplish red or bluish purple because the blood drains into different areas of the body.center_img Morgue. Image: Shutterstocklast_img