João Félix and Lodi, before the mirror of Oblak, Saúl and Giménez

first_imgAtlético has always been characterized by being a flight club for major player projects. A team where, in the case of getting settled in the rojiblanco scheme, it is a great setting to record your name in European football, as happened with the Kun Agüero, Griezmann, Koke, Saúl, Oblak or Giménez. About that model João Félix and Renan Lodi are now working.Portuguese and Brazilian are, along with a Saponjic with a null role, the only players on the squad under 23 years old. In a team concentrated between 25 and 30 years (only Adam and Diego Costa exceed it) the two players who are in their first season aspire to establish themselves as leaders in their respective positions. At 20 years old, João Félix has come to a halt due to the coronavirus health crisis after having increased his effectiveness in recent appearances. In the four games he played after overcoming a muscle injury, the Portuguese achieved two goals and one assist, Marcos Llorente to score his first goal at Anfield.Most valuable strikers oneRobertsonLiverpool6426 8MessiBarcelona11232 2SterlingM. City12825 –Ferland MendyR. Madrid3224 –SalahLiverpool12027 3A. DaviesBayernFour. Five19 –Jordi AlbaBarcelona4031 4ChilwellLeicester402. 3 10João FélixAthletic81twenty positionplayerequipmentvalue*age positionplayerequipmentvalue*age 9GriezmannBarcelona9629 7SanchoB. Dortmund117twenty elevenI gave itAthletic31.522 –Alex TellesPort3227 2PraiseBayern5227 * for TransfermarktThe most expensive signing in the history of Atlético, after the 127.2 million invested, the Golden Boy won as the best Under-21 player in Europe, but he has had a start at Atlético with many sparks and little continuity. Large flashes of class, at the beginning of the course starting from the right wing, but difficulties to enter the game more frequently. However, he has established himself as the second point, playing regularly behind Morata, and has a huge future ahead. For Simeone it is indisputable and except for two long injuries and his gradual return to eleven, he has been a starter almost always. 4ManéLiverpool12028 oneMbappéPSG180twenty-one Accumulates 2,114 minutes in 28 games (six goals and three assists) and although its market value has suffered two declines for Transfermarkt, is the tenth most precious striker and borders the Top-10 (it is the twelfth) among all positions. His first decline was from 100 million to 90. The second has occurred now, in a general downturn for everyone due to the economic crisis that COVID-19 entails. Its value has been established at 81 million, the one with the most template beating Oblak (the world’s most sought after goalkeeper with 80 million value). João Félix is ​​the youngest player in the world Top-12 with Sancho and the one who has suffered the least due to this general recess. A table led by Mbappé (180 million), Sterling and Neymar (both with 128). He has Griezmann (96) ahead, precisely the player who has come to replace in Atlético and Alexander-Arnold (99) as the footballer who marks the Top-10.Most valuable left backs –GayàValencia4024 8Theo HernándezMilan3222 –NeymarPSG12828 –Alex SandroJuventus4029 –KaneTottenham12026 * for TransfermarktRenan Lodi for his part is the only pure left back of the squad. Although in its beginnings it has had some defensive problem, His growth is also positive and he is fulfilling his poster as a great winger for the future. He is 22 years old and his market value grew from 15 million when he arrived to 35 in March. Now the general drop has practically not touched him (to 31.5), the smallest decrease of the entire squad and of all the main left-backs. Lodi is the eleventh most valuable player in the job, but with a clear rising script. Robertson (64), Alaba (52) and Alphonso Davies (45) are the three most expensive, but the eighth place is already half a million.João Félix and Lodi’s mirror is on the roster with Oblak, Giménez and Saúl, the first two signed very young and the third emerged from the quarry, as happened with a Koke that came to be in the Top-5 of midfielders. Oblak is currently the best goalkeeper for Transfermarkt, Giménez (56) the seventh defender and Saúl (72) the sixth midfielder. Atlético does not aspire to buy the most valuable players in each position, but it does have the capacity to improve the young values ​​that it incorporates into the first team to place them among the most precious on the world soccer scene.last_img