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Senator Heineken Lokpobiri (Bayelsa West)said “the gamut of this amendment is to bring the practice of industrial action in trade unionism in line with global best practices as obtainable in Great Britain USA Canada France Belgium South Africa etc” Lokpobiri’s bill caused uproar Senate President David Mark suspended debate of the bill Some Senators saw Mark’s intervention as a soft landing for the sponsor of the seemingly unpopular “Bill for an Act to further amend the Trade Union Act CapT14 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 as amended 2005 to make provisions for ballot as a requirement before any action taken by trade unions and for other matter connected therewith 2012” “The requirement of agreement on the part of a simple majority of the members of a union makes it imperative for a ballot as contained in this proposed amendment This amendment accordingly provides that an act done by a trade union to induce a person to take part in industrial action should have the support of a ballot For any strike to see the light of the day it should enjoy the well-intentioned support of members of the unions” he said Senators Ayogu Eze (PDP Enugu) Bassey Otu (PDP Cross River South) and Ita Enang (PDP Akwa Ibom North East) described the bill as necessary in view of the perceived politicization of labour-related issues in the country saying it was meant to sanitize the processes of industrial action rather than prevent workers from going on strike Opposing the bill Senators Smart Adeyemi (PDP Kogi West) James Manager (PDP Delta South) Olufemi Lanlehin (ACN Oyo South) Joshua Dariye (LP Plateau Central) and Chris Ngige (ACN Anambra) called for the withdrawal of the bill arguing that it would deprive the workers of their right to oppose any unpopular government policies “Trade unions protect their members’ interests and they have their own constitutions which stipulate the processes of industrial actions Labour leaders often consult members and other stakeholders before calling for any strike” Adeyemi said The chairman of the Senate Committee on Labour Senator Wilson Ake (PDP Rivers West) said the bill was aimed at streamlining the processes of strike suggesting that it be subjected to a public hearing; while Senator Ahmed Makarfi (PDP Kaduna North) who described the bill as ill-timed said it would be misunderstood Senate President David Mark said since the bill was mainly looking at the processes of calling for strike the debate should be taken to a logical conclusion rather than withdraw the bill The bill which failed to pass a second reading was therefore deferred to another legislative day Speaking on the matter Acting General Secretary of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Comrade Owei Lakemfa described the lawmakers as idle people who want to divert the attention of Nigerians from their many failures “These are known reactionary positions by employers and big business to deprive workers of their rights The constitution of Nigeria forbids forced labour The worker has the right to work and the right to refuse to work In other words to strike is a fundamental human right of workers which cannot be abridged by any human being or any law “They should also know that if workers must ballot nationwide to go on strike they also have a right to ballot nationwide before they call off the strike because if you say the workers should go on ballot to go on strike then the workers have a right to ballot to call off strike” he said He said that “politicians should find better things to do than divert attention of the populace on inanities and diversionary activities” a medical alert system This process is unlikely to have adverse effects on the UK economy Clark says RAYMO the Rolling Stones Swift first revealed the track on her social media channels Fosle — whoDeschamp didn’t return a call for comment via subscription to shares and warrants Offer comprises Rs 8 billion via preferential issue of shares or take a stake in it There is no religion that permit the taken away a life of another man "He has plenty to gain in improving his public image – but he also wasnt doing it for peanuts "Congratulations to all Students The government has so far arrested nine people in related to the casethe latest beingUday Pratap Sharma a clerk of the BRD Medical College on Thursday near Gorakhpur railway station The chief minister said that the primary reason behind encephalitis was the unhygienic atmosphere BSP SP commercialised crime criminalised politics Adityanath criticised Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party in Uttar Pradesh of having no pro-people political agenda and for criminalising politics and commercialising crime He also held the nepotism and corrupt policies of SP and BSP for sending it to the bottom "The entire system had derailed by the time we took over I can tell you about the two biggest changes we’ve brought in these six months of governance First we’ve introduced a new work culture in our system and ended the old babudom Secondly we’ve instilled hope and security among the masses There is renewed vigour and energy among people" the chief minister said "UP was the top state in most indices of the country when we achieved Independence and we are now at the bottom But we will change this and bring UP on the top To begin with we are focusing on reviving agriculture and setting up job-creating manufacturing projects" he said giving a glimpse of the nature of policies that UP government will roll out in future Aggressive policing to continue Adityanath also said that despite criticism the ‘aggressive policing’ policy of his government will continue to shoo away criminals from the state "If criminals fire bullets they will get bullets Our police will no longer sit quiet" he said adding that as soon as his government was sworn-in on 19 March a strong message was sent to anti-social elements "Most gangsters had started feeling the heat as soon as the BJP formed the government in Uttar Pradesh Some even surrendered outside the state We are very clear about imposing a strict law and order regime A message has been sent out to goons that we will follow an aggressive policing system If goons fire they will get retaliatory fire" Adityanath said Adityanath has come a long way from being a mahant and five-term MP to become the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh the most populous state in India The CM said that not just law and order but even normal governance had collapsed during the 17-year-long rule of SP and BSP Hindutva is soul of India Equating Hindutva with humanitarianism Adityanath said that the Sangh Parivar’s ideology is the soul of India and that there is a need to understand Hindutva When questioned about the fears ofHindutvisation of academics especially in thecontext of the ongoing exercise to change the syllabus of schools and universities Adityanath said that there’s nothing negative about embracing Hindutva which is a “way of life” "There is a need to change the syllabus of primary and basic schools which are outdated But there would be no agenda behind this except providing the best education We must however need to understand Hindutva which is nothing else but humanitarian which accepts everyone" On school reforms Adityanath said his government was working towards solving the problem of shortage of teachers "Today there are almost 158 lakh primary schools in the state and I would like to accept that there is a shortage of teachers Our government is continuously working towards solving this problem and teachers are being appointed to improve the teacher-student ratio of Uttar Pradesh" he said He also emphasised on the School Chalo Abhiyan which according to him has helped in improving enrollment in primary schools "When we came to power there were around 136 crore students in the primary schools of Uttar Pradesh Today there are 154 crore thanks to campaigns like School Chalo Abhiyan Also our government has made 1000 model schools" said the chief minister New Delhi: As the CBSE declared Class 12 results on Saturday Delhi was third in terms of pass percentage after Thiruvananthapuram and Chennai The overall pass percentage was 8301 percent as against last year’s 8202 percent The best performing region was Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala with a pass percentage of 9732 Chennai region’s pass percentage was second best at 9387 while Delhi’s pass percentage was 89 Last year Delhi’s pass percentage was 8837 Girls outshone boys in the Delhi region as well with a pass percentage of 9319 as against boys’ 8493 The pass percentage of government-aided schools in Delhi this year was 8279 as against 8032 in 2017 The pass percentage of private schools was 8835 this year as compared to last year’s 8420 “I’d never worked in show business before (Snow White) marking the largest ever opening for Dwayne Johnson outside the Fast & Furious franchise at least 1 million stars are visible to the naked eye saying the first Steam Machines won’t arrive until some time next year quote-unquote And luckily I found this catharsis on the internet through people like Audrey WollenThe investigation into what happened is still relatively new the call taker records information from the tipster” he advised North-Central and North-West states Credit: PAA motorist who witnessed the crash told Savannah Morning News: "It didnt look like it nosedived"The explosionSen John McCain warned a group of foreign diplomats Tuesday that the controvery surrounding President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey will continue "This scandal is going to go on Ive seen it before" McCain said to the Munich Security Conference core group the Washington Post reported “This is a centipede I guarantee you there will be more shoes to drop I can just guarantee it There’s just too much information that we don’t have that will be coming out” McCain did not say that the reason Comey was fired was to hinder the FBI’s investigation into possible ties between Russia and Trump’s campaign However he said if that was the intention behind the firing that the plan would fail The Senator also compared the situation as others have to the “Saturday Night Massacre” in which President Richard Nixon fired the prosecutor investigating Watergate In a statement yesterday McCain also called for a “special congressional committee to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 election” and that Comey’s termination “only confirms the need and the urgency of such a committee” “I can’t help but think that this is not a good thing for America” McCain said Contact us at [email protected] is shaping up to be the most important year in the tumultuous not-quite-there-yet history of virtual reality A number of companies from Facebook and Samsung to Google and Microsoft are making significant pushes into the technology which has been a mainstay of science fiction for decades but has largely failed to materialize as a viable consumer product The latest piece of kit the HTC Vive announced this weekend is the product of a collaboration between the Taiwanese phone giant and Valve the purveyor of the most important software distribution platform on the PC Steam Virtual reality or VR has a long tortured history Until three years ago the technology was more or less moribund Then Palmer Luckey (now 22) reignited interest with a series of prototypes for a new device called the Oculus Rift which improved significantly on the old technology by taking advantage of advances in components for phones His company Oculus VR was acquired by Facebook last year for $2 billion Most of Oculus advances which are now being adopted or emulated by the likes of Sony and Samsung are in how images are displayed to users wearing the headset Long story short a VR system has to display two sets of imagesone for each eyeat very fast rates or the viewer will get nauseous But the HTC Vive which the companies say will be available later this year solves the next most vexing problems: once a viewer is seeing 3D space how do they maneuver and manipulate the environment around them Aside from content that is compatible with VR these are the biggest outstanding questions Once youre there what can you do and how do you do it Early development kits for the Oculus employ a standard console controller to move around but that can be disorienting Sonys Morpheus prototype for the Playstation4 uses a set of controllers that look like ice cream cones with lightbulbs on top with similar results And Microsofts recently unveiled HoloLens which projects images onto the real world uses hand gestures and arm motions Its still unclear which approach will win out HTC says its system will come with a base station that can track a users movements in 3D space The company also hinted at a specific controller perhaps a set of gloves to enable users to manipulate virtual objects Details are still scant but this could solve the problems of mobility in a simulated 3D environment If Valve and HTC have indeed managed to do that virtual reality may finally be ready for prime time See The Incredibly Goofy Evolution of Virtual Reality Headsets 1988 Andrew Mishkin wearing a 3-D virtual display helmet that is connected to a six-wheeled roving vehicle The rover was meant to explore the surface of Mars and send back information Roger Ressmeyer—Corbis 1993 "Reality +" at the Virtual Reality Systems 93 show was described as a next generation multi-player virtual reality entertainment system that gave a high sense of movement in a computer-generated world revealed in a head-mounted display Alex Brandon—AP 1993 The 3-player Budweiser virtual reality mask at the Food Marketing Institute’s International Supermarket Industry Convention and Educational Expostion in Chicago Mike Fisher—AP 1993 A Virtual Reality contraption at the Sci Fi Channel booth at The National Cable Television Association annual convention in San Francisco George Nikitin—AP 1994 Soldier training using a virtual reality-simulated 3-D shootout at an Army facility Ben Van Hook—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images 1995 A visitor checking out a virtual reality head-set at the G7 Information Society Showcase taking place at the European Parliament The head-set was linked to a camera elsewhere in the building which the visitor could control through head movements STR/Reuters 1998 A researcher at Tokyo University’s Intelligent Modeling Laboratory wearing 3-D glasses extending his hands to touch carbon atoms in the microscopic world at the laboratory’s virtual reality room Yoshikazu Tsuno—AFP/Getty Images 1999 Visitors enjoy virtual reality driving with 3-D goggles and driving simulators for the presentation of Japan’s automaker Nissan at the Tokyo Motor Show in Tokyo Kazuhiro Nogi—AFP/Getty Images 2003 A visitor to the " Ars Electronica in a dish installation " Humphrey II" which allowed virtual free flight through a 3D reconstruction of the city of Linz Peter Zschunke—AP 2005 A girl wore a full color head mounted display with a built-in camera as Japan’s machinery maker Hitachi Zosen and Shimadzu unveiled a wearable computer consisting of the HMD and a palm sized Windows XP PC with a pointing device at a virtual reality exhibition in Tokyo Yoshikazu Tsuno—;AFP/Getty Images 2006 Lt David Shipley of the Adams County Sheriff’s Department watched an interactive video that replicated the experiences of a schizophrenic patient having auditory and visual hallucinations while attempting to refill a prescription at a pharmacy Karl Gehring—The Denver Post/Getty Images 2008 Valeria Petkova right and student Andrew Ketterer left of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm tested the ‘body-swap’ illusion a method whereby people can experience the illusion that either a mannequin or another person’s body is their own body Niklas Larsson—AP 2012 Raphael Pirker from Switzerland founder of Team BlackSheep used virtual reality goggles to simulate the sensation of flight in the real world during a demonstration flying from the perspective of a model aircraft during a session of LeWeb’12 in Saint-Denis near Paris AFP/Getty Images 2012 A man seeking a job was equipped with 3D spectacles with sensors as he trained in Clermont-Ferrand central France with avatars (background) in a virtual reality cube at business incubator Pascalis Thierry Zoccolan—AFP/Getty Images 2012 Peter Kenny Jan Torpus director of Lifeclipper project tested the immersive augmented reality equipment in St Johanns Park in Basel Switzerland Sebastien Bozon—AFP/Getty Images 2013 Professor Karl Oldhafer chief physician of general and visceral surgery at the Asklepios Hospital Hamburg-Barmbek before liver surgery Oldhafer used augmented reality which allowed the liver to be filmed with an iPad and overlaid during the operation with virtual 3D models reconstructed from the real organ This procedure helped locate critical structures such as tumors and vessels and was expected to improve the quality of transferring pre-operational resection plans into actual surgery Fabian Bimmer—Reuters 2014 British television presenter Rachel Riley showed a virtual-reality headset called Gear VR during a Samsung event ahead of the consumer electronic fair IFA in Berlin Markus Schreiber—AP 2014 Tim Draper Founder and Managing partner of ‘Draper Fisher Jurvetson’ tried out the latest in virtual reality technology the 2014 Kairos Global Summit at Ritz-Carlton Laguna Nigel in Dana Point California Jerod Harris—Getty Images for Kairos Soceity 2014 A man played a game with the virtual reality head-mounted display ‘Oculus Rift’ at International Games Week in Berlin The display transfers the eye movements to the game in real time Daniel NaupoldDaniel Naupold/picture-alliance/ Microsoft’s Lorraine Bardeen demonstrates HoloLens headset during an event at the company’s headquarters in Redmond Wash on Jan 21 2015 Elaine Thompson—AP 1 of 20 Advertisement Contact us at [email protected] he remained a leading light in our party and in Nigeria’s political firmament. the state commandant, “We are going to repair the mobile phone to know and ascertain the person that sent the money to him and the persons who his working for.

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He also said football administration was a journey and not a destination, According to a new report published in the journal Neurology, Willie Mays, Chairman William C Marcil and his family with a $250000 gift Forum Communications owns the HeraldAtMonday’smeeting PAC members also updated City Council members on the vision for 42nd Street’s art“We’re going to look for art that leads people to think differently and we want art that pleases us” Reuter said She emphasized PAC wants to choose art that could become symbolic of Grand Forks and meaningful for years to comeMost of the capital improvement project involves the elementary school The heating ventilation and air conditioning will be improved and permanent walls will be erected to replace partitions The updates will provide more classrooms and a quieter learning environment000 in city beautification funds for the 42nd Street project in January, have expanded greatly since Vanguard opened its doors. including the United States, they are fueled by carbon in the surrounding soil, But we have expectations for our [email protected] The Hammond police department defended the officer’s conduct.

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