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This application would have to be preferred within 30 days.There will be no oral arguments and a review will only be admitted if there is an error apparent on the face of the record The chances of a review petition being admitted are slim If that fails she can even prefer a curative petition stating that natural justice was violated in her case The chances of that being admitted are even more slim Atwo-judge bench comprising Justices PC Ghose and Amitava Roy directed Sasikala and hertwo relatives to surrender forthwith to the trial court in Bengaluru and serve the remaining part of four year jail term But if she has served any time in prison already she would be given credit for that time that has already been served And since Sasikala served six months in prison she would now have to serve a further three-and-a-half year prison sentence She can also apply for probation — as any normal prisoner may be entitled to under the Probation of Offenders Act 1958 Based on the report of her probation officer regarding her conduct and the prospects of her rehabilitation she may be allowed probation With inputs from agencies This story may sound apocryphal but it was recounted by LK Advani inthe course of a casual conversation Talking about Morarji Desai Advani said that despite his idiosyncrasies he was a man of impeccable integrity To buttress his point Advani recalled this incident: After the Janata Party formed the government with Desai as its head in 1977 there was a by-election and the party wanted to field a candidate with a shady background to ensure victory When Desai heard of the choice he raised an objectionabout hiscredentials “He alone can win this election for us; otherwise we will lose” Desai’s colleagues told him Desai quipped “In that case let’s not win this election” Morarji Desai was the complete antithesis of the prevailing political culture Facebook No doubt Desai was perhaps among the last sentinels of Gandhianismwho eminently prized values and sanctity over buccaneerism in public life His contempt for criminality had a background His predecessor Indira Gandhi was justifiably accused of degenerating public life to such an extent that a criminalised band of lumpen under the leadership of her son Sanjay Gandhi practically monopolised the State Desai was the complete antithesis of the prevailing political culture What a fall from that point on: India even had the ignominy of a shady stockbroker alleging that he delivered cash in a suitcase to the house of then prime minister PV Narasimha Rao which the latter was hard-pressed to disprove This was ominously symbolic: The prime minister who ushered in big-ticket liberalisation hobnobbing with a scamster In the 1980s I came across the first instance of the impunity with which gangsters ruled the roost: In Lucknow in this case? If you have any doubt about their modus operandi.

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