SushiBot cranks out 400 sushi rolls an hour

first_imgIt can be rough when you’re craving sushi. You either have to meticulously make your own rolls by hand, or go to a reputable establishment and interact with another human being to get your fix. If only there were a cold, sterile robot that could just make you some sushi. In this pair of videos, fantasy becomes reality as the SushiBot looks to replace skilled chefs around the world.The SushiBot can crank out 400 sushi rolls an hour, and needs only minimal human assistance. As long as a person is available to feed in the raw ingredients like seaweed, fish, and rice, SushiBot will take care of the rest.The SushiBot, created by manufacturing company Suzumo, was shown off at the World Food and Beverage Great Expo 2012 in Tokyo last week. Suzumo claims that the robot is using the same basic techniques employed by experienced sushi chefs. It’s impossible to know the quality of the sushi made by SushiBot, but it’s probably largely dependant on the quality of ingredients put in.High-end restaurants aren’t likely to team up with a robot any time soon, but cheaper establishments like supermarkets could fall in love with SushiBot. And of course the next stage is to start offering them to consumers so we can all have one in our kitchen. Then again, you really have to love sushi and eat it regularly to make owning this machine worthwhile. Maybe a mini SushiBot that produces just enough sushi for a meal is on the cards.via Dvicelast_img