Apple loses court case on defective Nvidia GPUs in MacBooks

first_imgA few years back, Apple released an updated MacBook Pro with a more powerful graphics chip, the Nvidia 8600M GT. That proved to be a decision Cupertino would regret. The Nvidia GPU was defective, and as a result, the failure rate of the logic board in that generation’s MacBook was startlingly high. One Apple customer, who goes by the name of Seattle Rex, has spent the last few months trying to get Apple to pay for the repairs it promised for his defective computer, and that took him all the way to small claims court. The verdict is in, and the little guy won.Instead of replacing the defective machines, Apple agreed to repair the boards for free when they failed for up to 4 years. Rex’s machine was still in that window when it finally gave up the ghost due to the bad GPU. When he tried to get it repaired, Apple said that because the machine was un-bootable, they could not confirm the GPU was the problem, and he would have to pay for the repair. After months of back and forth, the issue came before a judge.Often times, a company won’t bother to send a representative to small claims court, resulting in a default judgement. But Apple isn’t just any company — it has $500 billion lying around, so it sent two people to court that day. Our everyman hero made his case, and Apple countered with an assertion that his laptop was a different model than the one covered by the warranty. This was, of course, a lie which was exposed immediately.According to Rex, Apple tried a number of ways to talk him out of compensation, but the judge was impressed with Rex’s knowledge of the hardware. The eventual ruling compensated him for the $4000 MacBook Pro, plus court costs. A judgement in hand, the next order of business is to collect the payment. It’s unclear if Apple will continue to fight it, or just pony up the cash.In response to the story, Seattle Rex has received a large volume of emails from consumers that were given the same line about non-bootable laptops being ineligible for the free 8600M repair program. He muses that there might be cause for a class-action suit in the future. Whatever happens tomorrow, the little guy won today.via Seattle Rexlast_img